Metals for your ring

Posted by Paola García on Jun 16, 2017 11:14:29 AM

For a perfect diamond you need an ideal mount to accompany it. There are different metals that make a ring something exclusive and perfect for that special someone, who will use the rest of her life.




The strongest and most precious metal that exists, it is resistant to damage and therefore does not tear over the years and above all it does not wear. These properties make it a very secure mount for the diamond it will carry. It is hypoallergenic given to its purity and with a very high quality level. This precious and infrequent metal is the most expensive and requested.



A shiny, yellow, heavy and malleable metal. Durable and an natural element, it is too malleable for a daily use so it mixes with silver, copper, zinc, among other metals to increase its strength. It is measured in "K" which indicates its purity: 24K is 100% gold, 18K is composed of 75% gold and 14K of 58.3%.


Yellow: Natural color of the metal giving it an intense glow.

White: Combination with rhodium and gold creating the color a white and silvery.

Pink: Like white gold, this color is achieved by making a copper alloy




One of the strongest and most exclusive designs on the market. It is forged with an alloy of 80% elemental tungsten and 20% carbon alloy. This is what makes it strong and eternal. The most common colors are glossy gray and white with a permanent polish.

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