The 4 most popular engagement ring settings and styles

Posted by Fannia Gamez on Jul 28, 2017 1:19:12 PM

Plain setting (solitaire)

When we talk about plain setting we refer to the eternal solitaire ring. You can choose between a 4 or 6 nail setting depending on the people taste. The width and the style of the ring also depends on each person style.

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A halo setting is designed to encircle the central diamond or gem with little tiny diamonds that would give your center stone and exceptional elegance. Besides this setting makes the illusion of the central stone appear bigger. A halo setting could be mould to the cut of your center stone or diamond. The most common shapes of the halo and the most used are the round, oval and cushion. To create or to design a more unique halo ring the jeweler may use an asscher, marquise, or pear cut as a center diamond. This setting is the most popular among the buyers.

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Diamond setting (pave)

The setting with diamonds is perfect to personalize and add a different touch in the setting. This little diamonds that surround the setting could be as little or as big as you wish. Normally they are chosen between one and three points. The could be placed with any desired space between diamonds, so as the placement of this diamonds of this setting or just part of it.

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Three stone setting

The three stone setting consists in one center stone with a bigger size and two more stones that are placed in the sides of the principal one. The three stones represent the present, past and future. The two stones that go on the laterals commonly are smaller size than the center one but this could vary. The size of the three stones ends up being your choice. A popular way to personalize a three stone setting, is combining and mixing different diamond shapes or gems. For example, a very popular style among this engagement rings is placing a diamond as a center stone and choose a sapphire, roby or emerald as side stones.

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